New York, NY

February 20, 2020

MakerOS announces the launch of the Public Autoquoter, a new automatic and self-serve online quoting feature for Additive Manufacturing and product development companies to better quote and estimate projects. It’s the latest and one of the most important features of the MakerOS web-based software platform.

“What separates the MakerOS Public Autoquoter from other online quoting software is that ours is fully integrated with all of our other project management features — our inventory manager, our online 3D viewer, and our client communication hub — so that the quote flows into the project workflow,” says Mike Moceri, CEO and Founder of MakerOS. “Our Autoquoter is responsive to the customer’s needs. You can steer clients down the appropriate path based on the needs of their project. Every element is customizable for the business owner. There’s less friction, projects are completed faster, and everyone wins.”

The Public Autoquoter, or PAQ for short, is controlled in the MakerOS dashboard. It offers customizable rules for business owners to regulate which quotes can be immediately paid for and which ones need manual review. Since the PAQ is fully customizable, it can be set up for any Additive Manufacturing process including SLS, FDM, SLA, MJF, and more.

The PAQ features a friendly user experience for beginner or advanced users so that new and existing customers can easily request a quote or estimate. It can be integrated with any website builder such as Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, Wordpress, or any custom coded website, and can be placed in an iFrame.

With the PAQ, business owners have the option to set up the user experience in which quotes are generated based on an individual machine, process, material, intended part application, or any combination thereof. For example, business owners can set up the user experience to direct a client into quoting for an electronics enclosure with high detail resin and an added painting service.

The PAQ features advanced pricing modifiers that allow for full control of the quoting algorithm’s behavior. It factors in a 3D file’s manufacturability, geometry, process, material, and more. All of that combined with the MakerOS Pricing Calculator, quotes are generated accurately and consistently.

Any file type can be uploaded to the PAQ and attached to a project, such as photos, spreadsheets, PDFs, and technical drawings, in addition to 3D files, making the PAQ a true project submission system for any type of project. Files can be uploaded in bulk for expediency.

The MakerOS PAQ also includes an Abandoned Quote Recovery tool. Because the PAQ records contact information for every person who submits a quote, business owners can send an email directly from the MakerOS platform to potential customers who abandoned the quoting process and win their business.

Custom invoices can be generated from the initial quote to include additional services such as post-processing, consultation, or CAD services directly from the project inside the MakerOS dashboard. By combining the quoting system with the invoicing tool, MakerOS makes it easy for business owners to track their transactions.

“There is no point in having a quoting system if you can’t attach the files and all relevant communication in one place. You are not in the business of pumping out quotes, you are in the business to complete projects. Your win rate will increase If you make it easier for your clients to work with you. MakerOS is fundamentally greater in its sum than in its individual features, which means if you try to piecemeal all of this together or use a solution that is missing these critical beats, you have nothing at all.”

The PAQ is included in the Pro Plan, which starts at $79 per month when paid annually and scales up in price depending on how many employee seats are included.

To learn more about the MakerOS Public Autoquoter, go here to contact us or email For more on MakerOS including pricing, go to

MakerOS Launches the New Public Autoquoter, a Better Way for 3D Printing Companies to Quote Projects



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