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Built from years of experience, the MakerOS collaboration platform is designed for 3D printing and digital fabrication teams to efficiently work together and get more projects done.

What your team can achieve with MakerOS:

  • Accurately quote more potential customers
  • Manage your orders and job queue
  • Gain a high-level overview of statuses for each project
  • Collaborate with clients at each step of the way
  • Upload, view, and share all file types including STL and OBJ files in an online 3D viewer 
  • Send invoices, track payments, and get paid

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"MakerOS is a tool that will save you a lot of headaches and head-scratching when it comes to managing your 3D printing business. "


What our clients say about us

"MakerOS has helped us organize everything, stay on top of client communication, and see the statistics of our service over time. It’s also increased the quality of how we process orders, which has translated directly to more orders being processed."

- Rob Lent, VP and Co-Founder at Vision Miner

"MakerOS has really streamlined our project management for our 3D services. The biggest benefit we have seen is the ability to have all communication, CAD/reference files, and invoices accessible in one easy to use online portal. This is miles better than having all this information scattered through multiple email threads with our clients. I also like the ability to track project progress by stages, which helps keep things moving and makes our clients feel like they know exactly where their project is at. Having a clean client project portal exudes professionalism and we have definitely noticed that it attracts more high value clients to our business."

- John Kray, Founder and CEO, Hydra Research

"We would never have figured out how to manage orders from our members. It would have cost us a fortune to do it on our own."

- John Welin, Shop Manager, mHUB

MakerOS was named startup of the month by 3Dnatives

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