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9 Lessons for Optimizing Your Product Development Service

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About the Author

Mike MoceriFounder, CEO of MakerOS

Mike has deep experience in manufacturing, design, and software.

In 2013, he co-founded the world’s first 3D printing retail service bureau in Chicago. In 2014 he founded Manulith, a 3D printing, and product design agency, where his clientele included Fortune 500 companies within the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries.

Mike is also a mentor at Stanley+Techstars Additive Manufacturing Accelerator, a mentor at WeWork Labs in NYC, and formerly a mentor at TechTown Detroit.

 He’s previously been featured on MSN, Make Magazine, NBC, and the Encyclopedia Britannica. D-Business Magazine called him the “Face of 3D printing.”

Mike is currently the founder and CEO of MakerOS, an all-in-one management platform for your design, prototype, and production service.

9 Lessons for Optimizing Your Product Development Service

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